10 Springtime Activities for Your Senior Loved Ones

As your loved ones age, it might be difficult thinking of activities you can do with them. Especially for those who have suffered loss of mobility – either due to having surgery, stroke, diabetes or a lot of other debilitating health issues – it can seem like a destiny of being “cooped up” in the house.

However, this makes it more imperative than ever to get your elderly loved ones out to enjoy the fresh air or just enjoy life. Here are some springtime activity ideas you can do with your loved one(s):

  1. Birdwatching: In the springtime, the birds are on the move. In Louisiana, springtime is a great time to catch the birds heading back up north, or to view nesting and hatching of baby birds. Bring binoculars and a bird book to identify as many different bird types as possible.
  2. Swimming Program: The YMCA and other fitness and health clubs or community centers offer various swimming classes tailored to seniors. Some also cater to seniors with disabilities, so scout your local area for these opportunities.
  3. Going for a Picnic/Drive: Pack up a picnic basket with your favorite lunch items, and head somewhere. The open road is your new adventure for the day. Just take a different road that you’ve never been before and see where it goes!
  4. Outdoor Painting Class: If the senior is fully functional, a painting class may offer a fun way to keep their mind occupied. Art is also a relief and can enhance creativity, cognitive abilities and more.
  5. Take Me Out to a Ball Game: Local high school teams love having spectators, and what a fun way to “relive” the memories of youth! Bring your elderly relative to a baseball, soccer, football or even a track tournament and encourage them to cheer for their favorite players and team.
  6. Have a Weekly “Museum” Visiting Day: Make every Thursday (or whichever day is best for you) a special museum day with your loved one. Some cities also have passes that allow you to visit multiple museums for one low price.
  7. Feed the Ducks: Grab some stale crackers and bread out of the cupboard and head to the local park. It’s fun to feed the ducks and watch children playing on the playgrounds.
  8. People Watching: Enjoy people watching and making conversation. Most large office buildings, city halls and other public buildings have benches and sometimes landscaping that enables you to just sit and enjoy the scenery, including the people coming and going.
  9. Board Games: Instead of playing board games inside, bring a game of chess, Parcheesi or the senior’s favorite card game outside to enjoy the fresh air on a porch.
  10. Country Clubs: Even without a membership, you can still enjoy a nice lunch together at the local country club. This makes for a great social outing in a beautiful setting. They have paths for walks, too.

While there may be many more, these 10 Springtime Activities to do with your elderly loved one should keep you both busy and happy this spring!

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