In-Home Care

CARE, Inc offers your loved ones the freedom and comfort of living in their own home without any worries.

Resolve My Care Needs

It’s the simple things that mean the most.

Living at home, receiving in-home care, and having the freedom to live in privacy, peace, and comfort is something everyone can appreciate. We provide in-home care services which allow your loved one to maintain a level of independence that is not provided at a nursing home or assisted living facility. Because, for your loved one, is there any place on earth better than home?

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Our Care Attendants are a part of your family.

Most of our staff comes to CARE, Inc. because of a calling and a passion to take care of people. In many instances, Some of our Care Attendants become so close to clients that they soon grow to be a part of your extended family. As a result, our clients feel loved, stimulated and happier since they can still enjoy living in their own home environment while receiving the utmost in care and attention.