Personal Emergency Response Units

CARE, Inc offers Personal Emergency Response Systems that provide a 24-hour lifeline.

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24/7 Emergency Response Care

What if something happened to your loved one in the middle of the night? They could fall out of bed, down the stairs or get hurt unexpectedly. This is not just a fear, this is a reality for many families as they deal with an aging parent who becomes less mobile, more confused or fragile as part of the natural aging process. Yet, another fear comes with considering nursing homes or assisted living. We’ve all heard stories of elderly patients who take a downward spiral in their health due to the unfamiliarity and discomfort of being moved away from their place of comfort–home.

Our 24 hour, 7-day emergency response services give your entire family the peace of mind that your special someone’s wellbeing and safety needs are met.

Technology is marvelous.

We offer Personal Emergency Response Systems that provide a 24-hour lifeline to get immediate emergency assistance from any room in the home. That should make everyone sleep more soundly, knowing that help from CARE, Inc. is just one lifeline away.

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