Respite Care

CARE, Inc offers professionals who can take care of your loved ones when you need a break.

Resolve My Care Needs

Because sometimes, even the most dedicated caregivers need a break.

Often times, a loved one in charge of caring for a person who is sick or disabled, needs a break—especially if it’s a 24-hour job. CARE, Inc. has a team of trained, professional caregivers who can come to your home for breaks whenever needed. Respite Care can be a few hours, days or even weeks. Many caregivers use respite care for a simple break, to shop, exercise, run errands or even go on vacation.

Respite Care Services

While you’re away, trained professionals come to your home and provide a variety of services for your loved one.

  • Bathing


  • Dressing


  • Feeding, Preparing Meals

    Feeding, Preparing Meals

  • Medication Reminders

    Medication Reminders

  • Getting In and Out of Bed

    Getting In and Out of Bed

  • Simple Companionship

    Simple Companionship

  • Exercising, Going for Walks

    Exercising, Going for Walks

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