3 Benefits of In-Home Care for Disabled Adults

Our in-home care services are not focused solely on the elderly loved ones in your family. We offer specialized assistance for individuals with disabilities as well! Whether your loved one is born with physical limitations or needs special care after an accident, we offer short-term and long-term care plans. In this article, we will outline the benefits of in-home care for your loved ones with disabilities. 

Involvement in community and recreational activities. 

Individuals with injuries or disabilities are entitled to be included in community events and activities. Participation in local farmer’s markets, concerts, or religious meetings is vital to the overall health and well-being of your loved one. Home care can provide the support that allows individuals to live independent, fulfilling lives within the community.

Quality of life. 

Our in-home care providers are here to improve your loved ones’ quality of life through assistance and support for everyday tasks. CARE, Inc. assists individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities in achieving a better quality of life by caring for them in their own homes. We believe that individuals who live at home and remain active in their community maintain their self-dignity and ultimately live a higher quality of life.

Peace of mind. 

Care Inc., offers in-home care catered to specific needs and/or disabilities. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your loved one is provided the highest quality compassionate care. We take pride in the ongoing training and supervision that the hundreds of CARE, Inc. workers receive, and you will find that our employees strive to exceed expectations with a genuine attitude of helpfulness. From meal planning and household chores; to transportation and errands, we work diligently to ensure your family member’s needs are met.

Once you decide that in-home care is the right choice for you and/or your family member, it is crucial to determine what level of care your disabled loved one will require. We offer both short and long-term in-home care options, as well as respite care for family caregivers who need a break. Our Care Attendants are compassionate, helpful, and committed to serving families who have a member with special needs. Contact us to discuss how our team can make a difference in the life of your family member.

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