3 Ways Seniors Can Boost Wellness This Spring

Few things come close to the excitement of being able to go out on the first warm day of spring! After being cooped up inside during the long and dark winter, everyone, from kids to senior citizens, can’t wait to enjoy time with loved ones and friends; basking in the spring sunlight. Warmth, sunshine and the chance to get together with family offers numerous health benefits for seniors.

Here are 3 ways seniors can take advantage of spring to boost wellness:

  1. Avoid Known Allergens. One of the downsides of spring is the pollen, allergens and other airborne irritants that bombard our sinuses and respiratory systems. That is why it is imperative to have a good way to deal with the allergies; otherwise something as easy as breathing will be difficult. Consulting a doctor is important for this reason. Some antihistamines may clash with pre-existing health conditions, so your doctor can work with you to find the best solution. It is recommended that you wash your hands and have proper hygiene when staying out for prolonged periods. It is also wise to schedule your plans on days that you know pollen levels will be low, and just in case, bring sunglasses so your eyes won’t get easily irritated.
  2. Get Outdoors. If springtime signals the start of a productive season for animals and nature, then why should humans be the exception? Go out there and cultivate the ground. Gardening and planting are well-known highlights of many seniors’ lives. When you become one with nature and enjoy the serene environment, it is known to have numerous positive effects, including emotional, physical, and mental benefits. So get out there and soak in the rays, while listening to birds chirping. This can provide many of the same benefits as an hour of meditation.
  3. Move That Body! If you want to get exercise without having to do too many strenuous activities, walking is a great option. This fundamental human motion is one of the most therapeutic activities seniors can do, because it helps regulate blood sugar, bone health, and cardiovascular health. All of these side effects will also contribute to improving sleep, which is why walking is a great spring activity. Remember to wear comfortable footwear and choose terrain that is suitable for brisk walking. When you feel tired or winded, take a small break. It may take a few days for your lungs to get acclimated to the fresh, spring air.

Spring is the time of the year when the outside world gets set into motion. You see nature and its animals going about to start a successful season, and you see human beings enjoying the change in weather after being kept inside for so long during winter. Why should seniors be the exception? Take full advantage of the new season by incorporating walking, gardening, and dealing with allergies into your already joyous plans to have a fulfilling spring experience.

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