5 Tips to Ease Fall Allergies in Louisiana

Although the cooler weather is always a welcome feeling during fall in Louisiana, so with it comes the dreaded “allergy” season. There are many culprits for autumn allergies. In LA, we have plenty of plants like pigweed, ragweed, sheep sorrel and other trees and grasses which release pollen during the fall. Especially after a particularly balmy, hot, humid summer, these conditions make it ripe for allergy-rich weeds to grow freely and plentifully.

Some people call the fall allergy season “hay fever”, which is a traditional phrase that stems from the farming days of long ago, although they have little bearing on today’s allergies. Hay is not predominately a cause for allergies, but the same itching, watering eyes and sniffy nose that one gets from a hay field can be likened to the term.

Although you can’t avoid autumn or move away from the state simply because of a minor nuisance of the symptoms, you can heed these 5 tips to ease fall allergies in Louisiana:

  • Get rid of mold and mildew in your home. Mold and mildew are fungi that grow and spread, so in the fall, this annoying allergen can be easily spread by wind or air flow. Keep bathrooms, kitchens and other areas dry and remove any mold or mildew at the first sight.
  • Use a dehumidifier. The air in your home should only be 35 – 50% humidity, so anything higher can cause mold and mildew to spawn.
  • Eliminate dust mites. You can’t see them, but these microscopic insects will feed on flakes of your skin that naturally spread throughout your home. These allergens can drive you crazy year-round, but in the fall they may be more noticeable. Clean vents in air units and clean your sheets and pillowcases regularly.
  • Pull ragweed and other weeds from your yard. Just one ragweed can yield a lot of suffering in your sinuses. Make sure to get a cover for your face and gloves on your hands while doing this chore.
  • Clean pet hair and lint. Pet dander, just like human dander, can also attract dust mites. But your pets may add to the angst as these furry critters shed one coat of fur in exchange for their winter coats, making it even more essential to keep the home clean and as pet-hair free as possible.

Although it may be unavoidable, some Louisiana residents may find release from the annoying symptoms of allergies that pop up in during the autumn months; by following these 5 Tips to Ease Fall Allergies in Louisiana.

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