7 Things Every Home Should Have During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season calls for thorough, advance preparation, especially in South Louisiana. Here are the top 7 things you should keep handy for the next few months:

  • Water. Keep a 3-day supply of water in your home at all times; this should consist of at least two gallons of water per person, per day (1 gallon for drinking, the other in case of kitchen or bathroom needs).
  • Non-Perishable Foods. Canned foods and canned fruit juices are the smartest option for high-energy meals that don’t require heat or refrigeration. Pro Tip: Always keep a manual can opener in your home.
  • Cash. Keep at least $50 in cash in case ATM and credit card machines are down. Stick to smaller bills such as tens, fives and ones.
  • Security Supplies. Sandbags and a regular tool kit are a must for securing your home in the event of flooding or severe winds.
  • First Aid Kits. Keep a complete kit of medical essentials inside your home and one in each vehicle. Remember to store Germ-X or wet wipes with your kit for sanitation.
  • Seal-Tight Containers. In case of an evacuation, keep several waterproof containers handy for storing your wallet, cell phone, important documents, extra clothing, photographs, medications and other necessities. Make sure these are easy to carry!
  • Help Signals. In the event that you become isolated or need outside assistance, a flashlight and whistle will greatly increase your chances of getting noticed.

Ready to get started? Gather your family members to create a full Hurricane Preparedness Checklist to bring with you when you shop! Working together will also help you remember to consider necessities for your elderly, special needs, or other family members.

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