Benefits of Using CARE Inc.

Choosing a non-institutional health-care plan in Louisiana financial can seem disheartening. The overwhelming number of government-based and community-based choices, added with your family’s unique financial situation, may grind the process to a halt. Times like these call for a reliable home-care service provider that helps guide you through the process, and that’s what we do at CARE Inc. Being one of the largest and longest running home-care service providers in Louisiana, our experts will guide you through the selection process to see that you receive the best service for your situation. There are multiple benefits to knowing as to why CARE Inc. is your best choice.

Support System. At CARE Inc., scheduling teams, supervisors, and quality assurance that make up the 800 plus people at four offices make sure the team renders proper service. Fill-in caretakers comprise our “Elite Backup Group” to ensure that every family receives the best service no matter what. The warm and friendly employees are trained to ensure that your family receives no less than the best service. Our staff is also trained to understand the unique needs of the elderly and the mentally, physically, developmentally challenged patients and provide them with extra care.

Services. CARE Inc. provides a multitude of services that cater to your family’s unique situation. For example, the Children's Choice program benefits children ages newborn to 18; whose parents require respite care. For individuals who qualify for in-home assistance, the Long Term Personal Care will do exactly that. For those who are developmentally, physically, and cognitively challenged, the Supported Independent Living Programs provide attendants who help rehabilitate clients so they may resume daily living activities and living functions. These are but a few of the services that are offered at CARE Inc. and are individually picked to cater to your situation.

About CARE Inc.:

  • 800 plus CARE Inc. attendants who are professionally trained after passing rigorous background checks
  • Attendants receive annual professional and first-aid training
  • Social Service coordinators supervise staff interaction to ensure quality service
  • 600 clients assisted with optimal care each day
  • More than 22 years of in-home care experience
  • State licensed and insured for in-home personal care services provision

Receiving help from a non-institutional health provider can be overwhelming because of the paperwork and options. The specialists at CARE Inc. help guide you to ensure that you choose the best plan for your current situation. Being one of the longest in-home care service providers in Louisiana, those at CARE Inc. see to it that our attendants provide you with the best service. Therefore, you and family may rest easy knowing that service you are receiving is outstanding. For more information, visit

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