Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Planned Throughout Louisiana for October

The Buddy Walk® has become the largest advocate for Down Syndrome events in the country, beginning from just 17 walks to now over 250 cities in the U.S. The first one took place in New York City during its inaugural year, and every year thereafter it has grown substantially. The main goal is to increase awareness of individuals with downs syndrome and to give them a fun event to participate in for a worthy cause. But the Buddy Walk® is for everyone, including friends, family, or just those who support people with disabilities. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

On the NDSS Website you will also find helpful information about downs syndrome, which is the most common chromosomal condition in the US. Now, one out of every 691 babies is born with the condition. The chances of having a baby with downs syndrome increases with the age of the mother, although young mothers are not to be excluded.

Many great strides have been made in regards to awareness of downs syndrome. The average life span has increased from 25 to 60 years of age, just since 1983. People with downs syndrome can lead very fulfilling and purposeful lives, as long as they have a supportive environment and stability. They are intelligent, although part of the disability includes cognitive delays. The effects are usually quite mild or moderate and should not interfere with a child’s ability to live a normal life.

At Care, Inc. we care for many people with disabilities. We help and support families both who have young or adult children with downs syndrome or those who may be needing care assistance throughout LA. It is our pleasure to be part of these families’ lives and we are active supporters of the Buddy Walk.

You can find more details about an upcoming Buddy Walk® in Louisiana here on the NDSS Website.

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