CARE Inc. Family Support Programs

Asking for and receiving help and support from the government or your community may seem like a discouraging task. Government-based programs – along with community-based programs – appear to have many requirements that you may or may not be qualified to use. With a sea of options out there, it can be tough to decide which plan best fits your financial situation.

At CARE Inc., situations like these are dealt with every day, and we do so by learning about each family’s situation. As the name suggests, we truly do CARE about each and every family’s situation. Yours is unique and with our expertise and specialized knowledge, we can help guide you through the selection process about the programs that best cater to your situation.

The following are notable financial programs in Louisiana for care services. These may be available to your family, depending on your circumstances.

  • NOW Waiver. The New Opportunities (NOW) waiver is a program that helps individuals with disabilities that are developmental-related and work-related. The program includes community, residential, and respite care assistance.
  • Long Term Personal Care. This program is for individuals who qualify for in-home assistance and benefits from CARE Inc.
  • EPSDT. EPSDT or Early Period Screening, Diagnostics and Treatment is a program designed for Medicaid recipients who have exhausted the use of the program and therefore not receiving further aid.
  • Private Pay Option. If the current programs call for certain economic requirements, you are also eligible to choose private pay financial programs that work with you to help choose the best option based on your current financial situation.
  • Children’s Choice. The Children’s Choice program is eligible for children ages newborn to 18 who need support and also provides respite care for parents and caregivers.
  • Medicaid Waiver Service. CARE Inc. will help adults and children ages 3 and up qualify for Medicaid waivers, granted they are financially eligible. CARE Inc. will also help with the program selection process as well.
  • Supported Independent Living. The Supported Independent Living program provides care attendants to help rehabilitate individuals with physical, sensory, mental, and cognitive disabilities. The attendants help the individuals rehabilitate daily living activities and everyday functions.

There is no shame in requiring assistance from the government or your community. With a multitude of programs out there to choose from, the list may seem overwhelming. But the specialists at CARE Inc. will help guide you through the selection process. We can point you towards the best program that fits your requirements and family’s situation, as we are familiar with all the financial programs available. Contact CARE Inc. for further details.

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