CARE, INC is Turning 25 in 2016!

Back in 1991, two men named James Griffith and Donald Bankston of Hammond, Louisiana had an idea. It was based on a growing need they noticed for the elderly to be more self-sufficient and maintain their independence, while still getting high quality care. Having aging relatives of their own, they understood the desire for their loved ones to want to stay and live in the comfort of their own homes, rather than having to move to a senior center or nursing home.

Out of the care for their cherished beloveds, CARE, Inc. became more than just a concept. The company was launched by Mr. Griffith and Mr. Bankston in early 1991, and since that time, CARE Inc. has grown to include caregivers for all ages of people, including special needs children.

In fact, the company now employs over 900+ people, which not only provides great care to the patients they serve, but to the families of the workers. Without these jobs, many people would be living without the care they needed. CARE, Inc. is proud of these roots in the communities throughout Louisiana.

We Are One Big Family

Both founders are still very active in the company. James Griffith serves as the President and Donald Bankston is the CEO. They are passionate about the integrity of the company. Aside from our regular team of screened and highly skilled caregivers, CARE Inc. has also put together an Elite Backup Group of caregivers. These caregivers are rigorously trained to cover emergencies, including illnesses or scheduled vacations.

Our 25th Anniversary may come with some celebrating, but the biggest cause for celebrating this quarter-of-a century milestone comes with the families and clients we have connected with. The relationships we have built with every individual and family are what make this Anniversary so special to us. We’d like to thank each and every one – both our wonderful staff and the patients and families within the communities we serve – for putting your trust in the CARE Inc. company. We look forward to another twenty-five years with you!

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