Celebrate National Disability Awareness Month in March

As the population grows, it is estimated that almost five million Americans live with mental or physical developmental disabilities. Some are born with them, while others develop symptoms over time, either as a result of an injury or lifestyle. At Care, Inc. we help many families with children or relatives who live with developmental disabilities. As part of our commitment to raising awareness and helping our clients to maintain a normal lifestyle, Care. Inc. will be celebrating this worthwhile cause throughout the month of March.

It was 1987 when former President Ronald Reagan first deemed the month of March as the first “Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.” After a tremendous de-institutionalization movement that occurred during the late 70’s into the early 80’s, the foundation for significant social changes led to an increase of opportunities and encouragement to a group of people that were once shunned for their differences. The President’s proclamation finally enabled individuals with developmental disabilities more chances to realize their full potential.

As March rapidly comes upon us, this is a great time for all businesses and individuals to reflect upon ways we can encourage people with disabilities. Either by providing employment opportunities, or by volunteering, or even by donating and supporting organizations such as the Special Olympics, we can all work to make a difference.

National Disability Awareness Month is an opportunity to promote understanding, compassion and respect for Americans of all ages who have emotional, mental or physical disabilities. Not only for the individuals, but for their families who deserve tremendous support for their dedication, we should reflect upon any opportunities we have to lend a helping hand, and we should do so. There is still a long way to go in equalities for people with disabilities, especially within the education sector.

The first step is to recognize the importance of National Disability Awareness Month in March of 2015 as a way to embrace and strengthen our commitment to the people within our own communities and throughout the state of Louisiana. Together, we can all make a great impact!

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