Celebrating Holiday Traditions Safely

This time of year is usually focused on gathering together and participating in traditions. While the year and this holiday season are not unfolding like we hoped, there is still joy to be found in this season.  

Family Meals Turned Into Family Recipe Sharing

We can’t gather around the table together to share a meal, but we can still share recipes. Find your favorite holiday recipe and send it to your family. Have them do the same, and once the dishes are made send a picture or have a video call to show off your delicious masterpiece. 

Walking Christmas Light Events Turned Into Drive-Thru Events

Seeing Christmas lights gets everyone in the holiday spirit. Many places have turned their Christmas Light events into drive-thru extravaganzas to comply with social distancing restrictions. This change may be more beneficial for the elderly in your family since they will not have to walk far distances or bear the cold nights. 

Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movie

Thankfully this tradition does not have to change! Cozy up in your holiday pajamas and a cup of hot chocolate to watch those timeless classics that we look forward to all year long. 

Send Holiday Cards and Letters

Face-to-face celebrations may not be possible this year, but holiday cheer can be found in receiving and sending holiday cards. Nothing fancy is needed to bring a smile to someone’s face. Simply pick out your favorite picture from this year, write a thoughtful letter and you are sure to make someone’s year. 


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