Companion CARE

In-Home CARE comes in a variety of forms. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what's right for your elderly family members. It's easy to feel fear about making the right decision, worry about what happens if you make the wrong choice, and pressure from various family members who are all experiencing the same concerns.

Here at CARE, we’re committed to helping you and your family make the right choice. You and your loved ones are never a number; we focus on finding the right solutions for each person’s individual needs. With that in mind, this month we are focusing on Companion Care as an option for your loved ones.

What is Companion Care?

Companion Care is primarily emotional support and company for seniors who are generally healthy and who want to remain independent at home. Senior companionship often allows loved ones to live a longer, healthier, happier, and fuller life with overall improved wellbeing. Companion Care can include a wide variety of non-medical services and can be customized to meet your senior's specific needs. Services can include light housekeeping, assistance with activities of daily living, medication reminders, grocery shopping, chores, and errands.

Companion Care Promotes Socialization

Companion Care allows seniors to socialize, have a friend regularly visit, talk about challenges, express grief, learn new ways to approach daily tasks, and to find resources to solve problems. We all need a little help from a friend sometimes, and that’s exactly what our Companion Care provides.

Health Benefits of Companion Care

COVID-19 has been hard on seniors, as many have had to decrease socialization to stay safe. While safety is crucial, several studies have found social isolation is linked with higher risks of stroke, heart disease, dementia, and depression. Companion Care allows seniors to have some sense of normalcy.

You’re not alone, and neither are they

Just because your loved one lives alone, doesn’t mean they have to be alone. Our Companion Care program means your loved one can have help around the house and someone to talk with as frequently as needed. Whether that is for a few hours a week, or every day, with Companion Care, your loved one can continue having a high quality of life and remain as independent as possible.

At CARE, we care deeply for your family. Aging isn't easy, but it also isn’t a road your family is traveling alone. We are here for you at every step of the way. Call us at 1-800-798-6565 to learn more or visit ​ to discuss if our team can make a difference in the life of your family member.

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