February is American Heart Month

"Every year, heart disease tops the list of America’s #1 Killer. Deaths from heart attacks topped nearly 800,000, which prove there are still a lot of awareness efforts to be made. The president addressed cardiovascular diseases in December of 2013 as having “staggering physical and economic impact” of which this is true, given the growing pandemic of childhood obesity amongst the new population.

What can people do? How can we reverse this terrible disease that affects so many lives? Heart disease not only affects those who suffer from it, but their families. Loved ones of a patient with heart disease often have to deal with many things, from giant medical bills, or even grief from losing someone they love to the disease.

In February, there are a number of initiatives sponsored by the American Heart Association. “Go Red” on February 7th, 2013 to show your support for the fight against heart disease in women. You can participate by uploading a photo or taking the “Go Red Challenge” on social media sites that are tied to this awareness program. Throughout Louisiana and the U.S. offices are encouraged to wear red in honor of this day and the photos can be posted for all to see.  CARE, INC. staff will wear red, too!

Another program designated in February is “My Heart, My Life”; which is an initiative that has multiple opportunities to assist people on the track to better heart health and cardiovascular health. This is another AHA sponsored initiative and has a lot of advice, tips and news about stress management, smoking cessation, fats and oils in food, and weight management, information for healthy children, nutrition and more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is another instrumental organization who are taking part in the “heart” awareness efforts with their “Be One in a Million” campaign during February. Cardiovascular diseases are closely tied to heart disease and strokes. Their statistics have revealed that 1 of every 3 people die each day from heart disease, which is a scary figure!  That equals to 2,200 deaths in the U.S.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally filled with hearts, candy and flowers, but this year we would encourage you to think of your heart differently and take part in one of the many great programs designed to spread awareness. You never know whose life you could be saving, including your own!


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