Golden Years, and Happiness Here

At CARE, we know the importance of keeping your loved ones healthy, but we also understand why it matters to stay happy. For elders living alone, accomplishing simple tasks that used to be easy can become a struggle and a source of frustration. August is National Happiness Month, so we’re sharing ways to help your loved ones reduce stress and anxiety, and seek happiness at home.

Here are five tips for helping your loved ones remain happy in their golden years!

Prioritize friendship, family, and companionship

It can become increasingly difficult for elders to leave the home as they age, but that doesn’t mean they have to be disconnected! Ask friends and family to visit as much as possible, and capitalize on the age of technology. A video call with long-distance grandchildren and friends can be the highlight of your loved one's day.

Seek out new interests

Sometimes old interests can evolve into new forms! If your loved one enjoys working on cars, maybe they would like to try painting a model car. Does your loved one spend plenty of time in the kitchen, but has found that it’s become more difficult? Maybe they would enjoy creating a recipe book to share with family and friends! You can even see if a younger relative would help digitize recipes in an online format that can be shared easily.

Soak up some sunshine

Sunshine is a proven way to get vitamin D, boost your mood, improve sleep, strengthen bones, and even help to lower blood pressure. Giving your loved one opportunities to soak up some sunshine (with sunscreen, of course) is a great way to increase both health and happiness. Learn more here!

Take time to listen to loved ones’ stories

The stories your loved ones share are important to them, and can hold wisdom or humor to pass down. Even if your family member wants to share the same story over and over, listening helps to give them security and a sense of importance. Write them down, record them sharing it, and take plenty of selfies together. Sharing family stories helps to connect your loved one with the past and present, and it’s a wonderful way to promote happiness.

Look for ways to give back

Your elderly loved one needs to know that they’re important and have value. Look for ways they can be involved in the community! Maybe they can write letters to soldiers or friends, create toys for a dog shelter, grow flowers or vegetables to share with friends, or something else related to one of their favorite hobbies or interests.

Our Companionship Care is a great resource for elders who need comfort, security, and emotional support as they remain independent at home. At CARE, we truly care for your family, and we tailor our care to meet their specific needs. We help get them to their appointments, will run errands with or for them, and we are here to make sure they stay healthy. Call us at 1-800-798-6565 to learn more or visit ​ to discuss if our team can make a difference in the life of your family member.

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