How to Find Elder CARE Services in Hammond, LA

As your senior loved ones age, it eventually can become necessary to provide additional help and companionship around the home.  Rather than moving your loved ones into a retirement home or somewhere equivalent, providing them with specialized home care may be a much better option, and one they are much more likely to accept.  Each of the home Caregivers are trained comprehensively so that they can provide a wide array of in-home services fit to the patient’s specific needs.  Assistance with cooking, cleaning, personal care, and other daily duties are all part of the nurses repertoire.  More specifically, here is an explanation of each of the service types that your loved ones can benefit from in the comfort of their own home:

Quality In-Home Care and Companionship

Sometimes someone to lend a hand around the house and be there to socialize with your loved ones is all they need. This kind of care lets you know they are in good hands, while also dramatically improving their lifestyle, and lending a friendly ear to listen to them. 

Sensitive, Dignified Personal Care Services

With age, some seniors begin needing special personal care services when they become incapable of using the bathroom or bathing themselves.  The important thing to remember here is that this can be an extremely embarrassing experience, and your loved ones may be worried about need for dependency and a loss of dignity.  Using a professional Caregiver for personal care assistance instead of a loved one allows them to keep such business separate from his family life.

Personal Assistance and Transportation

Caregivers are trained well in senior nutrition, and their ability to shop, cook, and serve your loved ones balanced healthy food tailored specifically to their dietary restrictions and tastes. Getting around town gets harder and harder the older you get, not only because it becomes more difficult to get ready for travel, it also becomes more tedious to get there and move around upon arrival.  Caregivers help your loved ones prepare, get into the vehicle, drive, get out upon arrival, and assist while there. 

Household Duties Activities & Benefits

When household duties and tasks become altogether too difficult for the elderly, this service will maintain the home they love so that they can continue to live where they are most comfortable.

Emergency Services and Special Needs

Caregivers are specially trained to help your loved ones who need special attention such as patients of dementia or Alzheimer’s.  They can cater to, and provide for their every need, and be a friend to them in their own capacity.  Emergency services are also on alert 24 hours a day should something happen to your loved ones.

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