Knowing the Signs of Alzheimer’s

One in three Americans die because of Alzheimer’s, a degenerative brain disease that is a form of dementia. This month we are focusing on understanding the signs of this disease that affect nearly 5.8 million individuals aged 65 and older. 

Remember these Top 7 Signs of Alzheimer’s: 

  1. Cannot Recall Recently Learned Information 
    It is normal to forget names and remember them later, but once your senior has lost the ability to recall new vocabulary, it could be a sign of Alzheimer’s. 
  2. Difficulty with Language and Familiar Tasks 
    Losing your “train of thought” happens in many conversations, but if your senior is having difficulty carrying a simple conversation or if you find them repeating phrases it might be time to get them tested. 
  3. Disorientation of Location and Time
    Everyone is guilty of occasionally forgetting the day of the week; however, it is not normal to forget the passage of time or how one got to the place they arrived.
  4. Issues with Abstract Thought 
    Anyone can make an error with handling money, but forgetting what numbers are and how they function is a serious sign of Alzheimer’s.
  5. Impaired Judgment
    Taking risks is a part of daily life, but the inability to decide what is a safe environment for yourself is a sign of Alzheimer’s. It may be a sign it is time to provide them with an environment better suited for them. 
  6. Sudden and Extreme Changes in Mood and Personality
    We all have had bad mornings that turn our mood; however, sudden and extreme changes in mood with no causation can be a sign that your senior may have Alzheimer’s. 
  7. Passiveness
    Sometimes we experience a decrease in desire to socialize, but it is not normal for your senior to lose all ambition to connect with others, especially if they were extroverts beforehand. 

Alzheimer’s is more than a disease that causes loss of memory; it can also bring a slew of other lifestyle issues. Aggression, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, wandering, sleep issues, and even delusions are side effects of living with Alzheimer’s. 

By the end of 2020, caregivers will provide 18.6 billion hours of care. At CARE, we know exactly how to provide a healthy environment for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. We connect and develop relationships, so your loved one is comfortable with us. We understand the amount of attention each senior needs depending on their stage. For more information about the CARE we provide, please give us a call at (985) 542-6565.

Visit this link to find the nearest place to test your memory with HIGI this fall. 

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