October is the Month to Embrace Breast Cancer Awareness

Nearly every family in America has been affected by breast cancer. Breast Cancer is a serious disease that affects millions of women. Whether it was a relative, friend, former school mate, neighbor or co-worker, almost everyone knows a person who has developed breast cancer. Although there are so many stories of women who have gotten breast cancer and who died all too young at the hands of fate, there are also many great stories of bravery in overcoming it. That’s why the National Breast Cancer Foundation first initiated the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month some 27 years ago. Since the beginning of this campaign to find a cure and to promote breast cancer awareness, more and more women have been able to overcome this terrible disease and to win the war against cancer. Early detection increases the chances of survival, which makes monthly self-examinations and annual mammograms something that should be high on the priority list. Education = empowerment! The signature pink ribbon has become a signature of support amongst men and women who wear it. October is the month to don your pink ribbon. Even major NFL teams participate by wearing pink sneakers or symbols on their jerseys to the games, whilst encouraging fan participation. But Breast Cancer isn’t something to cheer about and it doesn’t only come in October. The goal of NBCF is to make people aware of breast cancer throughout the year, so that more research and treatments can be implemented to save even more lives. The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance has a great tool that we’ve found to help you assess your risk. If you or a loved one has a family history of breast cancer or just wants to know how “likely” it might be, try this simple 7-question assessment. Get ahead of breast cancer by being proactive! Show your support by wearing a pink ribbon!

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