Private Pay Home Care - An Affordable and Convenient Option

Deciding how to care for your loved one can be a difficult decision that is made harder when it comes to financial responsibility. Many insurance plans have different limits or restrictions that make it difficult to really know and understand what is covered and what is not. Covering the cost of a nursing facility out-of-pocket or assisted living home can often times be astronomical. Though confusing, the truth is your loved one still needs assistance. So what do you do now? What is the best option for you financially and your loved one physically?

Here at CARE, Inc. we have seen it all and understand how complicated the decision can be. Every situation is different but we are here to help. Often times, it is more cost effective for families paying out-of-pocket to pay for in-home care instead of an assisted living center. Not only is it more cost effective, but allowing your loved one to stay in their home and own environment often times results in a higher and longer quality of life. We believe in keeping our clients as self-sufficient and independent as possible. We are here to lend a hand or help where we can.

We offer Private Pay Home Care services that allow you the choice on the level of care needed. Whether you need us occasionally or 24/7, we have options that can satisfy you and your loved one’s needs. We understand what is truly important is that your loved one is taken care of and you are able to trust the caregiver and afford the assistance needed. Here at CARE, Inc. we believe it shouldn’t be one or the other.

CARE, Inc. is an affordable and convenient option when life hands you a crisis or when a loved one’s ability to be completely self-sufficient begins to dwindle. Being able to request assistance for a certain amount of time at a certain level is rarely found in nursing home and other care environments. We even offer a technology that allows your loved one to be monitored for safety in every room of their home! Our employees will come to your home, whether you have a child or an aging parent who needs help. The level of assistance our employees can offer at the cost is unbeatable. Our employees must go through a rigorous application and interview process and are trained to make sure the service we provide lives up to expectations and what is best for our clients. If you are still wondering what would be best for your loved one, give us a call! We would love to give you more information on our services and ability to help.

At CARE, Inc. we value a hard earned dollar and too have family members that need assistance, so we truly understand -- you are not alone in this! Take a look at all the services we can offer, in-home and at an affordable rate. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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