Private Pay Home Care with CARE Inc.

As you age you will definitely want some assistance in your daily activities in the comfort of your home. You will need to find a private pay home care that will meet all your needs and treat you as family. At CARE Inc, we offer a variety of options for private pay home care. You will either choose the full time care where you have someone to help out around the clock or the part time where you only get assistance for a few hours during the day.

We offer these in-home services at the comfort of your home. These services are available to people or a member of your family who just got discharged from a hospital but needs personal care. These will enable them to heal when at the comfort of their homes, since one being in a familiar environment will surely contribute to their fast recovery. You may also need companionship during the day in your home and here we offer our caring, friendly and well trained care givers whom you will definitely be comfortable around. If you are in need of physical therapy or emotional therapy you will definitely find these private pay home care services come in handy to help in your recovery. These services are also needed to provide our older generation some assistance to stay at the comfort of their homes peacefully.

With our services you are assured of customized care at any time you need it be it for you or a loved who needs the assistance. Our caregivers are there to offer any service you may need like preparing your meals, cleaning your home and maintaining it and assisting you in your everyday activities. We also offer personal care and health care to ensure you follow your prescriptions and that you are in a clean and comfortable environment.

Our services are available round the clock with our knowledgeable caregivers that are well experienced, kind and dependable and can handle any challenge you come across. They are all fully screened and well selected to ensure you are provided quality services. With our staff, you are assured of personalized and professional care that you need. With our private pay home care you can be at peace knowing that you or your loved is well taken care of and enjoying life as it should be. At CARE Inc., your needs and comfort are our priority.

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