Summer Stevenson & The CARE Family

In 1995, high school graduate Summer Stevenson accepted a position to work with CARE INC as a Personal Care Assistant. Summer provided assistance to a very special young girl whom she quickly developed a heartfelt and personal relationship with. That was when Summer knew she had made the right decision in pursuing a career of helping others.

Summer then decided to go on and continue her passion for helping others even further. She earned a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child, Family & Social Services all while maintaining contact and employment with CARE. Years later, Summer went on to start a family and a new career as a Case Manager assisting individuals with disabilities for a non-profit organization.

Summer’s son Logan is affected by a Mild Intellectual Disability and is on the Autism Spectrum. Summer decided to apply for the Children’s Choice Waiver so that Logan could receive the help their family needed. Summer knew the very first day after gaining acceptance that there was no better organization for her son to work with than CARE INC.

Summer explained that CARE offered the dependability and background she was looking for as a mother.

“I am so fortunate and grateful to have CARE’s services for my son,” says Summer. “I don’t take anything for granted and I appreciate all the staff at CARE for all they do to not only help my son but all the other individuals they work with as well.”

CARE INC would like to thank Summer for sharing her story and for all that she has contributed to the CARE family. To learn more about our CARE family, please visit or call 800-798-6565.

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