Take Simple Steps to Help Parents Decide What’s Right for Their Health

Children of aging parents can undergo unnecessary amounts of stress when determining what’s best for their families. This can be a confusing time for everyone involved, and it’s important that you ensure your parents feel loved and respected. The following are some simple steps to take to determine what’s right for your loved one.

  1. First, many elder family members can fully participate in decisions regarding their own healthcare. Be honest with them. Explain the challenges you face with scheduling and your own level of knowledge. Also, explain the benefits of exploring other opportunities for care. Allow your loved one to be as involved as possible in their own healthcare to establish trust and understanding.
  2. Invite in-home care professionals to the conversation. Explain to your loved one that the initial meeting is simply a conversation, and there will be no decisions made during the first visit. Make a list of questions ahead of time so you know you have addressed all concerns.
  3. After meeting with healthcare providers, discuss the options with your loved one again, weighing the pros and cons. Seriously listen to your parents’ concerns.
  4. Ensure your loved one understands that the professional caregivers will not replace you, they are there to help. Explain how you will remain involved every step of the way.
  5. It’s important to establish a calendar for both the healthcare provider and yourself. Make a weekly plan and work out a routine so your parents can look forward to visits from everyone involved.
  6. Call independent living professionals to share your goals and expectations and develop a plan for health.

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