The Importance of Working for a Company That “CARES” With Employee Benefits

Ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2014, more companies across the nation, and even in Louisiana, have cut back on the extensive costs associated with health insurance coverage to its employees. Many new workers are finding that benefits are less available in the job market, as companies seek to save on payroll expenses to adjust to the new trend. But what is this costing them in the long run?

Higher turnover, cutbacks in overtime or hourly wages, and other adjustments have become commonplace in the workforce. In Louisiana, workers are finding that companies who still offer medical benefits are fewer, and that those who do are more of the exception than the norm.

CARE, Inc. is one of those exceptions. All full time employees are provided with full insurance benefits that follow the Affordable Care Act guidelines, which is a competitive advantage for them in both attracting and keeping talented employees. The company has built leverage by keeping their medical benefits intact, especially in a job market where so many other companies are slashing them.

Their philosophy has always been to treat their staff with the utmost support, so they can achieve long term satisfaction. Especially in the home health care industry, both the patients and their families come to know the employees on a personal level, therefore trust and long-term commitments are an essential part of the success of the organization as a whole. If a family works with a company whose staff experiences a high rate of turnover, it can lead to problems. Staff members of CARE, Inc. are well trained and able to handle a variety of special needs, from youth to elderly in-home care throughout Louisiana. In many cases, they become part of the families.

Because of this type of work, the owner of CARE, Inc. understand the benefits of treating his employees very well, both by paying good wages and by offering medical benefits. “Why work for a company and make a certain amount per hour, when you can work for CARE and make the same, or more, AND get great benefits?” cites the owner, James Griffith.

While it is up to each company in LA, or elsewhere, whether or not offering benefits to their employees is both cost effective and advantageous, the management at CARE, Inc. believes it is one way they stand apart as one of the best healthcare employers in the state. They understand one great principle, and that is when you treat your employees well, it directly corresponds with their level of job satisfaction and service to the clients.

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