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CARE, Inc offers transitional care for your senior loved ones during the crucial time after being hospitalized.

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Ensuring loved ones returning home get the care they need to recover.

Personal Assistance Care refers to persons leaving the hospital that may need care at home as they “transition,” back to their lifestyle prior to their stay. Often, post-hospitalization patients require regular observation and care in the critical days and weeks after a hospital discharge. While a family member may have good intentions trying to care for a recently hospitalized loved one, it can be very challenging and stressful since they do not have the professional training needed to adequately take care of a loved one. CARE, Inc. offers a team of professional, trained, compassionate caregivers available to provide Personal Assistance Care.

The first 72 hours at home are critical for post-hospitalization patients where disorientation, fatigue, and helplessness can lead to a decline in health, higher fall risks and even re-hospitalization. The team at CARE, Inc. can develop a plan of care that meets the specific needs of your loved one and helps manage his or her post-hospital transition. Best of all, our team supports a successful recovery in the comfort of your loved one’s own home.

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