CARE, INC Offers Personal Assistance When You Need It Most

At CARE, INC, our personal assistants are not only vigilant and on call round-the-clock, but also catered to each individual client’s specific needs.  Their passion is to help seniors regain the ability to live independently.  Many seniors simply cannot perform some of the daily chores necessary to maintaining a home and a lifestyle.  Physical disabilities can sometimes make it impossible for a senior to run errands, cook, clean, drive or a combination of any of these. This places a burden on the shoulders of family and friends to decide how to make sure they are properly cared for without having to relocate to a retirement community or some other less favorable option.  For some seniors, growing older in their own home is the only choice.

With CARE, INC personal assistance, the client gets to be happy and self-sufficient and the family members get ease of mind knowing that their senior loved one is well cared for.  A Personal Emergency Response System now provides lifeline 24-hours a day to the client in any room in the house so now their safety is under more vigilant watch than even their own family could provide them! 

Our personal assistants can perform a very large variety of tasks for the client both in and out of the home.  Companionship, trips to the grocery store, preparing meals, timely medication distribution, transportation, and even Church or social events are on the list of potential needs CAREgivers can fulfill.  But, our attendants are special because they enjoy giving clients with the most personalized and attentive service possible.  They can be relied upon to remember when medications should be taken, and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get some house cleaning done either.  Ultimately, the goal is to cater to the client’s needs so that they can remain in their own home and live an independent lifestyle under the care of CARE, INC.

Other services include:  Escorting the client to a Doctor or medical appointment, taking the client shopping or to a beauty salon, coordination and scheduling of upcoming events, visits with friends, and even personal hygiene.  CARE, INC gives seniors the ability to live in their own home and not a retirement community or in a loved one’s home under their care. 

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